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Milestone 6: Detailed Design

Due Date

Due Date: September 29
Grading: Team


For this milestone your group will work out in detail the design of your app. You will use a diagramming tool like Pencil, figma, justinmind, balsamiq,, or just your favorite paint program . If you are building a game or other widget-free app then a paint program will be easier to use.

Your design should include:

  1. The color scheme(s) for your app.
  2. A diagram for all the major screens and dialogs of your app. Show all the widgets in their proper placement. Name each screen and write some text to explain how actions in one screen will lead to other screens.
  3. In the case of a widget-free apps, you should include diagrams for all the major ‘areas’, animation stills that detail the most common animations (for example, Super Mario would have a set of drawings showing Mario jumping, punching up, and landing on a Goomba’s head) and game mechanics, as well as story boards if they are more relevant to your game.
  4. These design should show pixel dimensions.

A goal of the design is for you to think about the usability of your app. Try to ‘use’ the app in your mind: simulate how a user might use the app. Printing the screens into sheets of paper of the correct size and shuffling them as you pretend to use the app is a very common way to test the usability.

Another goal is to save you time. Remember that making a change now, like adding or deleting a screen, is 1000 times faster than if you wait until after you have written some code.


Add one page to your wiki called “Design” and add the images of your design here, along with some textual description of each screen and what it is used for. You can split it into multiple pages but, if you do, make sure the “Design” page has links to all of them (so, it works as an index page).

Do not make any changes to the wiki pages used for this milestone after the deadline. Wait until after you receive the grade for the milestone to make any further changes to these pages.

Tips and Tricks

To upload a photo to your wiki page…you can’t. Instead, create a dummy Issue. You can upload photos to an issue comments (just drag-n-drop). Then you can use the URL of the uploaded photo in your wiki-page. See this example. Or, you can clone the wiki repo, add image to it, commit, push.

Grading Rubric

Grade is 100 minus the total points lost, with minimum of 0. See grading scale in Syllabus. Points lost are:

  1. Is there a drawing for each one of the main screens of the app? 0–50 points.
  2. Did you add some English text associated with each screen which explains what that screen is used for? in the case of a game, what happens in this screen? 0–40 points.
  3. Color scheme(s) for your app? 0–40 points.
  4. Are these drawn in a wireframing tool? or, are they pixel-accurate? 0–60 points.
  5. Are the images embedded in the wiki page? and hosted at github? Is the wiki page easy to read? 0–40 points.
  6. Do the screens correspond to the core (most frequently used) functionality of the app? 0–80 points.
  7. Is there a clear way to navigate between screens? 0–40 points.
  8. Are the most common (frequently used) navigations short? easy to find? 0–40 points.
  9. Are there widgets for everything the user wants to do (create, edit, delete, share, re-order, sort, etc.) ? 0–50 points.