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Milestone 5: Rough Designs

Due Date

Due Date: September 22
Grading: Team


You must watch the Design lectures before working on this milestone.

This milestone is just an exercise in exploring different Design approaches to your app. Your team will put together a couple of rough designs for your app, perhaps showing different moods or targeting different audiences. These are meant to be very rough designs that only cover the core functionality of your app. That is, show a handful of screens, and make sure to show the major GUI elements.

For example, if you are building an app for organizing planting in a garden, you might consider one design tailored to casual users that love their iPads, one for Master Gardeners, and one for grandfathers who have not heard of the face-book. Your designs should help you think about different ways of organizing the information, and different levels of user-interaction and customization.

Or, if you are building a mobile game, you might consider one design tailored to pre-teen girls, one for twenty-something hipsters, and one for middle-aged College professors. What are the features of your game that would need to be different? which ones do you think remain equally engaging across the different populations? Even if you have settled on a particular target audience for your game, say slacker college kids, you can still try different themes: a goth theme, a Jimmy Buffet theme, an 8-bit theme, making the different designs more than just cosmetically different. Change the interaction.

The designs will consist of free-hand drawings (do not use a sketching tool, that is the next milestone). Just a couple of pages for each one, showing one or two screens.

Show these designs to your client, as well as the ones in the next Milestone. You want to get lots of feedback as early as possible so as to avoid implementing the wrong thing. Also, if you ask your client what they want, they will likely say that “whatever you design is fine”. But, when you show them your design they will immediately tell you exactly why it is all wrong, They will then tell you what they actually want.


You will add a wiki page called “Rough Designs” that contains at least 5 different screens of your app, showing the core functionality of your app. You will have at least 2 different designs for at least 1 of the screens. That is, for at least 1 screen, show a completely different way of achieving the same functionality. Scan or take a picture of the sheet of paper and upload it to the wiki.

Do not make any changes to the wiki pages used for this milestone after the deadline. Wait until after you receive the grade for the milestone to make any further changes to these pages.

Grading Rubric

Grade is 100 minus the total points lost, with minimum of 0. See grading scale in Syllabus. Points lost are:

  1. Is there a drawing for each one of the main screens of the app? 0–80 points.
  2. Do the screens have names? 0–40 points.
  3. Did you add some English text associated with each screenshot which explains what that screen is used for? 0–40 points.
  4. Is the Rough Design a wiki page? and not a link to some other page? 0–40 points.
  5. Do the screens correspond to the core (most frequently used) functionality of the app? 0–80 points.
  6. Is there a clear way to navigate between screens? 0–40 points.
  7. Are the most common (frequently used) navigations shown? and easy to find? explained in the text? 0–40 points.
  8. Are there widgets for everything the user wants to do (create, edit, delete, share, re-order, sort, etc.)? 0–50 points.
  9. Is one or more major needs of the app not addressed? (ex. no screen for editing the data already entered) 0–80 points.
  10. Are there at least 2 different designs for at least 1 of the screens? 0–60 points.