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Welcome to CSCE 492

Posted on 2018-12-20

The class website is now at The layout is nearly the same as before so you should be at home. I did create a new deadlines page which puts all of them in one page, for your convenience.

Our Discussion page for this semester is @492spring19. Remember that you are responsible for keeping up with my posts there. Setup your GitHub preferences so it emails you when something new appears.

If you are not registered for the class but plan to register, email. If you are not registered I assume you dropped the class and will assign a new person to that team to replace you.

The first thing your team needs to do is to submit the Team Meeting Times Preferences form to tell me your meeting time preferences, by Sunday Jan. 20th

New Students

This section is just for students who are taking 492 and did not take 490 last Fall, so they are not in a team.

New students must fill out the Github Username form on the first day of classes at the latest. I need your username so I can add you to a team.

I will assign you to a team. See the deadlines page for the dates on when that will happen. I assign people to the teams that have lost members. All assignments will be random. I will not give any preference to any person.

Read the Syllabus. All the information you need to know about the class is there.

You are responsible for learning everything you need to know about git, GitHub, and all the code and frameworks used by your team. Your first step is to clone, build, run, commit, and push a small change to the app, just to prove that you can be a contributing part of team. If you cannot accomplish this by the end of January then I recommend that you drop the class since it is unlikely you will be able to make significant code contributions to the app (see Syllabus for the grading criteria).

Your teammates will point you to useful tutorials and other resources.

I recommend you watch my teamwork lectures to learn how to work in a team.