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Client Project Assignments

Posted on 2018-09-02 12:00

Below you will find the people assigned to each of the chosen client projects. 43 students received their 1st choice, 24 their 2nd choice, 8 their 3rd, no one their 4th, and 1 very unlucky student received their 5th choice.

Please email everyone in your team, contact your client, and start work on Milestone 1. Also, remember to watch all the lectures.

Client Project address of team members
1. Wrapping, development and optimization of the MACFAM 3D Slicer wgunn, ssmero, villaire, cjcorbin, csteffy
2. - a custom framing website dfberry, xinj, Christr, cjellis, kanumuri
4. Learning Old English gaineyse, sdarley, cpichai, pagesm2, blakeps
5. Scheduling webapp ctgordon, runze, btcarter, xiyuan, bryder
6. VJ App holdeman, tdyar, jcm5, mjs10, lothropr
7. Cognito Forms Talk jmeisten, jcocklin, belegrin, jmkiser, aylae
8. Capgemini- Hazmat nzuppas, jknoll, Nshalabi, ksr, znmiller
9. Capgemini- MX Electronic Task Card camillem, drhansen, dinglebs, jsa2, hhatch
10. SC State Museum Kiosk mac9, lnix, ngause, pngo, jbc4
11. DBK App lanejr, ntford, andrewil, psanders, ghbrown
12. Pollinate jdmorris, cm25, mafrin, bmetz, bbp
13. Web-Based Visitor Database mstelzer, wbradham, baking, cc29, lochetto
14. Pantry App vieiran, svolpe, rsemler, khoryk, cbabin
18. Message in a Virtual Bottle amichels, srkhan, sanamana, godoyf, kennethr
19. Job Search brookrl, hvn, victorp, nulmer, rickabm
20. Euclidean Geometry for K-12 Classrooms abarclay, hsm1, wtwise, jgadams, abs11
25. Display Manager bfinn, cesarc, ksalah, kevon, jonesd