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Welcome Students

Welcome to Senior Capstone Class, CSCE 490 Fall 2022!

Please read the 490 Syllabus. Announcements and discussions take place in our Github Team Discussion at @490fall22. Our GitHub organization is

What You Need to Do on the First Week of Classes

  1. Watch my Welcome video. It explains how the class works.

  2. Fill out the github username form. Once you do, I will add you to our GitHub team. You will get an email invite from GitHub asking you if you want to join the SCCapstone team, click to accept. You will then be able to see @490Fall22. All announcements will be made there. You are responsible for watching it.

  3. Read and follow the team formation section of the CSCE 490 Syllabus, which explains how teams will be formed and which forms you need to submit.

  4. Read the rest of the 490 Syllabus.

The deadlines page has all the deadlines for this class.


Prospective clients should visit our client page to learn how you can submit your project idea to the Capstone class for next August.

Graduation with Distinction

Did you know this course is on an approved course list for Graduation with Leadership Distinction? Do you engage in research, study abroad, internships, or community service? If so, you could be eligible to graduate with leadership distinction. Sign up to meet with a GLD Advisor to learn more and consider ways to get involved throughout your time at UofSC. You’ll even have your achievements recognized on your transcript and diploma. Demonstrate to graduate/professional schools and future employers how you can apply course concepts in real world settings and apply what you learned to make decisions and solve problems! Graduation with Leadership Distinction: Your Pathway to Purpose!


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