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Cadi is an internship matching application meant to benefit job seekers and recruiters alike by alleviating some of the disadvantages associated with the traditional employment process. It is a mobile solution that is fast, convenient, and maximizes user productivity with it's "swipe to match" feature.

built with Java, Android.

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The idea of Cadi is to take a dating app like Tinder and make it for internships. In essence, you would have a college student's name pop up and then a limited number of characters or fields would pop up. Recruiters could then just swipe through people based on their certain search preferences(major, year, skills, etc). Our idea revolves around the ideology of "they don't spend more than 3 seconds looking at your resume" from that we put the 3 seconds worth of information on the app. They can then choose to match with a said college student or not based on that condensed info. Once a match is found they can message you or you can message them. Along with, after matching your full resume will show up to give them even more detail. We will be using Android native Java to build this app.


Deirdre Edmonds, Zakariya Mehdi, David Mims, Inan Ismailov, Carter Venable.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021