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COVID Tracker

Our Android application keeps the user updated on the recent COVID-19 cases in the area. Users can view locations that have a high number of COVID cases as well as report COVID positive cases to help other users stay safe during the pandemic. In order to enhance the user experience, we have integrated Google Maps in our application. Furthermore, our application provides a statistical analysis on COVID-19 cases in the state and displays important information about the Coronavirus that will help the user stay informed. We want our users to stay safe, and to make that happen we have included a page for the users to interact and notify COVID-19 related information.

built with Java, Android, Firebase.

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Our project will create a COVID map tracker application. This application would allow you to anonymously post the location of yourself, or a known subject who is infected with COVID and create a radius on the map to share with other anonymous users. The users will be able to anonymously submit their location or the location of a known COVID case, and it will display on a map with other COVID cases. The purpose of this map is for users to be able to view the map and see where COVID clusters are, while protecting the identity of the COVID carrier. The platform targeted is Android/IOS mobile app. This project will be implemented using an Android native Java app, and use Firebase as the app development platform.


Regan Willis, Laura Trombetta, Sarayu Das, Divya Cherukupalli, Shreya Bose.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021