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Text Penguin

Text Penguin is a webapp where users can upload documents (by either copying it into a text box or uploading a .txt file) in order to have the contents of the document analyzed by three different algorithms: Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency, Part-of-Speech Tagging, and Latent Direchlet Allocation.

A web application built with Angular, django..

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Who can use Text Penguin?

Anyone! Whether you are a humanities researcher, student, or someone who’s just curious about text, Text Penguin was made for you. We make it both simple to analyze text and easy to analyze the results. Even if you know nothing about text analysis, we provide resources for you to get started learning about the algorithms on our Resources Page!

Why should I use Text Penguin?

Text Penguin currently provides you access to three of the most commonly used text analysis algorithms and if you sign up for a free account, we give you a place to save your analyzed documents. The documents can be saved in files called “Projects”, which will act as a means to organize the documents for a single project if need be.


Samyuktha Comandur, Ainsley McWaters, 53, Steven Maxwell, Suzanne Prentice.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021