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Stock Prediction

The Stock Prediction web app is a Django web app where users can track stock market prices and receive esimated prices based off of a TensorFlow Neural Network.

A web application built with Python, Django, Tensorflow.

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Goals - Predict stock price changes based off of historical stock data and other outside data (i.e. Google Trends). - The application should utilize a TensorFlow based neural network to output 3 possible changes to the stock (up, down, flat). - The end goal would be an iOS application which could access the output of our neural network and display it. - Secondly, the app could send tips as to when to buy or sell stocks (this assuming that the predictions are accurate).


Ahmed Hulwe, Aaron Barge, Miles Ziemer, Max Corbel, Jiabei He.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021