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The year is 2099. Earth's natural resources are scarce and running out. The United States has sent its state of the art space ship, the U.S.S. Selene, to venture into deep space to seek out and gather usable resources from other planets. However, the crucial mission goes awry when our hero wakes up to find his crewmates missing and the U.S.S. Selene heading back home to blow Earth up, which can only mean one thing. The ship's artificial intelligence has gone rogue and become corrupted. Earth's fate is now in our hero's hands. He must now avoid the space ship's A.I. controlled interior defense system, consisting of robots, lasers, locked doors, and exposed electrical wires, to march to the ship's cockpit to shut down the A.I.

Tech: A game using Unity.


Spencer Beaumont, Robert Clark, Ethan Coarr, Caleb Martin, Jason Tran.


Last update: April 23, 2024