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Website Milestone

Due Date

Thursday, April 18
Grading: Team


You will use github pages (click on "Project Site" and follow the directions, your site's URL will look like, for my 'demo' repo) to create a website for marketing your app. The site must have:

  1. Embed the video from the Final Demo. Use a placeholder if video is not ready.
  2. Some other text explaining how and why to use the app.
  3. Images. Use screenshots of your app. You might want to also use free stock images: compfight. stockvault.
  4. An about page, listing your names. Linking to your linkedin profile might help your personal marketing.
  5. Link to your github repo, even if private. Make your github repo public if you want more exposure.

This is a marketing website. Your target audience are the possible users of your app.

I built a webapp

If you built a webapp then you do not need to use github pages (but you can, if it makes sense). Instead, your main page should become a splash page which sells your app and shows the video to the user. Make sure you add all the required pages (see above) to your website.


Add an Issue with title "Website" and assign it to @josemvidal. It should have:

  1. The URL of your website. The website should have the video/placeholder embedded in it, and the screenshots embedded in it, as described above.
  2. At least 3 pretty screenshots of your app should be featured in the website.

Grading Rubric

Grade is 100 minus the total points lost, with minimum of 0. See grading scale in Syllabus. Points lost are:

  1. No website. 100 points
  2. Website is missing information. 0—80 points
  3. Website is not well written. 0—80 points

Last update: January 3, 2024