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This is a website developed for the purpose of tracking inventory and number of clients seen for employess of Cholestcheck. Cholestcheck employess work at geographically separated worksites, and need an effective way to communicate with their company headquarters what supplies they have consumed and how many clients they have seen. There are two types of usesrs for the Cholestcheck website, User and Admin. An Admin will have access to view and change data that is not accessible to a User. After a User signs in to the site, they will be presented with a menu that gives them the options to create a new daily report, create a new weekly report, change their password, or sign out from the website.

It was developed by Cody Scoggins, Courtney Trocke, Gregory McPherson, Bryan Haines, Nicholas Puig

The client for this project was Michael Brian Trocke, President/CEO, Cholestcheck.
GitHub Repo

Last update: November 1, 2018