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Hygieia Hydration

This webapp is designed for use with Hygieia Hydration's portable hydration meter. This meter is currently in development, but our application is designed to store, display, and manage that data in a simple and secure manner. Once the device is complete, users will only be able to add hydration tests via that device (which will interface with our API).
Hygieia Hydration envisions that the Personal Hydration Meter will be useful for athletic teams as individual hydration is correlated to athletic performance. Thus, athletic directors and sports doctors must be able to view their team's hydration data. Our application implements a Groups functionality, in which a user is able to create a "Group" and invite users to join that group and give permission for the owner of that group to view their individual data.
The app is principally implemented with Django and AngularJS.

It was developed by Caitlin Brock, Dion De Jong, Nicholas Wrobel, Victor Reynolds.

The client for this project was Christopher Gintz, EVP, Hygieia Hydration Corp.

GitHub Repo

Last update: November 1, 2018