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Capstone Labyrinth

The Capstone Labyrinth is a desktop pixel-art game. You are placed in the center of the Labyrinth, with the objective of slaying the 4 monsterous bosses hidden in it’s depths. But conquerors beware…you are not the only one who wanders the Labyrinth’s halls.

built with C++, SMFL.

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The goal for this project is to create a desktop game, wherein a player traverses a maze filled with NPCs and equip-able items, with the goal of conquering different sections of the maze to escape. The player will be able to pick up and use items along the way in battle against NPCs.


Noah Wartzack, Carson Stabell, Caila Buckhaults, Kurt Walker, Samuel Dunny.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021