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Aurora Nutrition

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This is a food management and dieting app where users will be able to enter food items they eat to track how many calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and other nutrients they consume. Goals of the app include allowing users to enter dietary goals and track their progress towards meeting those goals and helping users achieve dietary goals by suggesting suitable restaurants and items at those restaurants near the user's current location. Features of the app include a logging section/tab where users may set dietary goals and enter food items they eat during a particular day or week, using Google Maps to find particular restaurants near the user and advise them on places they may eat, and a section where it will suggest recipes that the user should cook at home in order to achieve their dietary goals.

Tech: An android app using kotlin, sqlite, yelp.


Joshua DuPuis, Joshua Fugate, Matthew Kirk, Kevin Le, Andrew Paulen.


Last update: April 23, 2024