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Milestone 15: Release Candidate 1

Due Date

Sunday, April 7.
Grading: Team


As with all Releases, you will set up a set of Issues in your GitHub which list all the features you will implement by the deadline. Associate these Issues with the Beta Milestone. We will use these features for grading.

This release has implemented all the features requested by the client and has no bugs. At least, no bugs that have been detected by your careful testing. Basically, you believe that this release is the final one: no more coding is required. You might, or might not, be proven correct by your customers. We call it a feature freeze freeze, because no more features will be added after this, not even small ones.

This release will also implement a bonus feature. This is a feature that your client did not specifically ask for but that you feel they will want or need. Because you know a lot more about software than your client, and now you know a lot about their domain, you should be able to detect one thing, one feature, that should not be too hard for you to implement but which will make the program 10 times more awesome. If you can’t think of anything, just implement a feature that you think would be awesome to have.

Client Review

You will again give this release to your client. You will ask the client to review the app, by the last day of classes. Ask them whether or not they are happy with the resulting app, what features they wish they had, and any problems or suggestions for future improvements. They can provide their feedback directly to me (if they want) or to you. If they send you their feedback you should create a client Issue called “Client Feedback” and paste their feedback in there.


To release your code you will:

  1. Create a git tag named v0.9 on the commit that marks the release: git tag v0.9
  2. Push tags to GitHub: git push --tags Once pushed to GitHub you will find a Release called v0.9 in your repo. If you can’t get tags to work just create the Release called v0.9 with GitHub.

If you have a mobile/desktop app you will:

  1. Upload your binary (.apk .exe, etc.) to the Release.

If you have a webapp you will:

  1. Publish your webapp on the Internet.
  2. Put the URL of your deployed app in the description textbox for that release. Also, if I need a username/password to access your site make sure you write those down in the textbox, and attach any other files or binaries I might need to test your app (ex, things to upload).
  3. The webapp must be accessible so we can all test it.