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11th Monday. If you did not take 490 last semester, then you must email me your GitHub username, so I can add you to a team.

14th Thursday. I will assign all new 492 students to a team. You will receive my email and GitHub invite.

31st Sunday. First part of the Testing Milestone due.


28th Sunday. Beta Release due.



4th Sunday. RC1 Milestone due.

4th Sunday. I will post the team assignments for the Quality Assurance milestone: who will be testing who.

12th Monday. I will post the Senior Survey form, the Peer Assessment form.

18th Sunday. Quality Assurance due.

21st Wednesday. Website due.

26th Monday Final Demo Video

26th Monday. 1.0 Release due. Second part of Testing due.

27th Tuesday. Fill out the Senior Survey Form (to appear).

27th Tuesday. Fill out the Peer Assessment Form (to appear).

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