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9th Monday. If you did not take 490 last semester, then you must email me your GitHub username, so I can add you to a team.

12th Thursday. I will assign all new 492 students to a team. You will receive my email and GitHub invite.

29th Sunday. First part of the Testing Milestone due.


26th Sunday. Beta Release Milestone due.



2nd Sunday. RC1 Milestone due.

2nd Sunday. I will post the team assignments for the Quality Assurance milestone: who will be testing who.

16th Sunday. Quality Assurance Milestone due.

17th Monday. I will post the Senior Survey form[]](), and the Peer Assessment form[]]().

20th Thursday. Website Milestone due.

24th Monday Final Demo Video Milestone

24th Monday. 1.0 Release Milestone due. Second part of Testing due.

25th Tuesday. Fill out the Senior Survey Form--TO APPEAR.

25th Tuesday. Fill out the Peer Reviews Form--TO APPEAR.

Office Hours

You can view my office hours and reserve a time here.