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20th Thursday. Submit your GitHub username form.

27th Thursday. Submit your startup team form if you want to be in a startup team. I will post the approved teams to @490Fall20 as I get them.

30th Sunday. If you are not on an approved startup team, then you must submit the client project preferences form.


1st Tuesday. I will post the list of client teams in @490Fall20.

3rd Thursday. All client teams must email me the name they want for their team/repo, so I can create a repo for you.

6th Sunday. Form Teams

6th Sunday. Start you weekly Personal Log

13th Sunday. Personas and User Stories Milestone

27th Sunday. Design Milestone


11th Sunday. Requirements Milestone

11th Sunday. Research Milestone

18th Sunday. Architecture Milestone

25th Sunday. Source Control Milestone


1st Sunday. Ethical, Legal, Security Milestone


4th Friday. Proof of Concept Milestone

4th Friday. PoC Demo Milestone

6th Sunday. Peer Reviews Form

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