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Our bookstore web application provides an effortless and seamless browsing experience, allowing users to easily discover and purchase a wide range of books from various genres, authors, and sort by various other options all in one convenient place. With our user-friendly interface, our bookstore web application also provides convenient features such as book reviews and adding a book to a wishlist, empowering users with valuable insights and information to make informed purchasing decisions, fostering a sense of trust and credibility in our platform. For admin/employees, our application gives a seamless experience for them to add blogs and special deals, add and update books, fulfill orders on time, and a place for employees to see important meetings/events. Lastly, our bookstore web application prioritizes user security and privacy with requiring users to have some form of a complex password and hashing these passwords.

Tech: A webapp built with React


Rahul Bulusu, William Hobbs, Alfred Lin, Jack Oberman, Sai Durga Rithvik Oruganti.


Last update: April 26, 2023