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Beta Release Milestone

Due Date

Sunday, February 25
Grading: Team


As with all Releases, you will set up a set of Issues in your GitHub which list all the features you will implement by the deadline. Associate these Issues with the Beta Milestone. We will use these features for grading.

For a beta release we want all, or almost all, of the main features to be implemented. Your app should be usable: no show-stopper bugs, no major crashes. It is OK if smaller features have not been implemented or bugs remain to be fixed. Cosmetic problems are OK. That is, it should a minimum viable product (MVP).

You will give this release to your prospective users or client, and ask them for feedback. You will be happy to implement any new critical features they want, and fix all the bugs they find, before the RC1. To say organized, add as GitHub Issues any feedback you receive from the users or client. That is, for every feature request they make you will add a new enhancement Issue, for every bug they report add one bug issue. You can later decide if you will implement/fix these or not.


To make a Release you will:

  1. Create a git tag named v0.5 on the commit that marks the release: git tag v0.5
  2. Push tags to GitHub: git push --tags. Once pushed to GitHub you will find a Release called v0.5 in your repo. If you can't get tags to work just create the Release called v0.5 with GitHub.

If you have a mobile or desktop app you will:

  1. Upload your binary to the Release: .apk for Android, .exe for Windows. If you are targeting iOS then you will be using TestFlight, you must send us an invite by the deadline.

If you have a webapp you will:

  1. Publish your webapp on the Internet.
  2. Put the URL of your deployed app in the description textbox for that release. Also, if I need a username/password to access your site make sure you write those down in the textbox, and attach any other files or binaries I might need to test your app (ex, things to upload).
  3. The webapp must be accessible so we can test it.
  4. Do not update the deployed webapp until after you get the grade for this Milestone.


We will be checking all your approved GitHub Issues associated with this Milestone.

Last update: January 3, 2024