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Philosophy Byte

Where learning philosophy is fun!

A web application built with Angular, Firebase.

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Explore philosophy and intellectual history in a new way: through a dynamic, graphical experience that highlights the connections between Thinkers, Ideas, and Historical Events. Pick a Story below and start exploring!

Most philosophy sites consist of massive walls of text that can be intimidating to new comers. Here at Philosophy Byte, we are dedicated to providing a hands-on, interactive approach, in order to provide a more fun and inviting learning environment.

Our main goal is to provide an approachable format to a seemingly unapproachable subject. We want philosophy to be something that everyone has accessible, and believe that it is the key to creating a better world. By enabling newcomers to enter the field and learn the history and ideas of famous philosophers, we hope to bring fresh ideas and new faces into the philosophical conversation.

Utilizing network graphs, we were able to represent the relationship between philosophers and philosophical concepts. This is aimed at giving the user of our site a visual interpretation that is more invitational and less confrontational. Don't let philosophy bite, use Philosophy Byte!


Blake Stephens, Jeremy Duncan, Joshua Mulliken, Kevin Gagnon, Luis Rodriguez.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021