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Capstone Video Showcase 2021

This year the students in the Senior Capstone course developed 40 apps either for industrial clients, for USC members, or for themselves. There were

  • 11 web applications using technologies such as Django, node, express, Angular, react, Vue, firebase, AWS.
  • 21 mobile apps using Android, XCode, iOnic, react native, firebase.
  • 8 desktop apps using technologies such as Unity and .NET C#.


Below are all the projects. Click on each one to watch their video and website.

Astrovibe Attackpod

Astrovibe Attackpod is a fun grid-based tower defense game set in space! Protect your base from invading aliens by placing various towers and comsumables. With each tower you are given the ability to upgrade or sell the tower in order to bolster your defense.

A desktop app built with C#, Unity.

Baruch Marine Field Laboratory

The USC Baruch Marine Field Lab located in Georgetown, SC operates dorms and cottages for visiting students and scientists to use while doing research at the Field Lab. This web app will handle reservations for these dorms and cottages and will store user booking information.

A web application built with node.js, express, Angular.


Cadi is an internship matching application meant to benefit job seekers and recruiters alike by alleviating some of the disadvantages associated with the traditional employment process. It is a mobile solution that is fast, convenient, and maximizes user productivity with it's "swipe to match" feature.

A mobile app built with Java, Android.

Capstone Labyrinth

The Capstone Labyrinth is a desktop pixel-art game. You are placed in the center of the Labyrinth, with the objective of slaying the 4 monsterous bosses hidden in it’s depths. But conquerors beware…you are not the only one who wanders the Labyrinth’s halls.

A desktop app built with C++, SMFL.


CLAX Game is a boss rush type game for people that want a challenge. The game can be played on easy medium and hard difficulty. If you want to race against your friends, you can compare times using the in game speedrun timer.

A desktop app built with Unity, C#.


CocktailParty is designed to solve the problems of traditional video communication by providing users with a more effective simulation of the real-life large gathering experience. CocktailParty allows users to join a 2-D virtual room where they can move their camera feed around to interact with others, featuring a proximity-based voice chat system enabling multiple conversations to take place at once.

A web application built with node.js, firebase.

Colite Technologies

Our application is centered around working with Colite Technologies, a company helping businesses switch to renewable energy sources that promote sustainable business and energy resilience. It will take in data from Colite Technologies energy polls through a MySQL database we have hosted on AWS. You will be able to view this data in several ways! First, you can click on the List of Parts Page and then the respective MAC address for the poll you wish to view. Want to visualize your data in an aerial view? Head on over to the Maps section and you even have the ability to drop yourself into where the poll is located through the google maps API. Lastly, select the Graphs page to visualize any of the poll data categories in a line, scatter, or bar graph format! All of this data comes directly from the Colite Technologies servers and it will update whenever the MySQL database is changed.

A web application built with node.js, vue.js, AWS.

COVID Tracker

Our Android application keeps the user updated on the recent COVID-19 cases in the area. Users can view locations that have a high number of COVID cases as well as report COVID positive cases to help other users stay safe during the pandemic. In order to enhance the user experience, we have integrated Google Maps in our application. Furthermore, our application provides a statistical analysis on COVID-19 cases in the state and displays important information about the Coronavirus that will help the user stay informed. We want our users to stay safe, and to make that happen we have included a page for the users to interact and notify COVID-19 related information.

A mobile app built with Java, Android, Firebase.


A web application built with Python, Django.

Diesel Laptops

This app was design for Diesel Laptops © to help connect together multiple existing systems. It is setup to easily integrate with TR Systems and Locate for seamless one-click access to existing customer profiles and orders.

A web application built with node.js, express, react.js, AWS.


EZBag is a free point-of-sale (POS) service that reduces checkout expenses and enables a fast, touchless customer experience.

A web application built with Java, Tomcat, Eclipse Jersey, JavaScript.

Flooded Cabin

Flooded Cabin a Unity puzzle game that is created using Unity 2019.4.9f1. This game was created to provide a fun and thought provoking experience for anyone of any age! We hope you give our game a try.

A desktop app built with C#, Unity.


If you’ve EVER had a problem of deciding what food restaraunt to eat at , this is the app for you! With this app you will able to look at nearby restaraunts, add them to a list, and then randomly select one with a fancy spinning wheel. You are also able to add friends and then invite your friends to the selected restaraunt!

A mobile app built with Ionic Framework, Firebase.

Glass Opus

Glass Opus is an open source rotoscoping software. The software will provide a variety of features that enable students and artists to develop creative works from start to finish. Drawing with a variety brushes and vectors, and image manipulation are among the many features than one can employ to create their vision.

A desktop app built with C++, Qt.


Grosh keeps track of all grocery related issues. Grosh can track the items a user buys based upon the user-input item list. Grosh can keep track of weekly budget, this will help the user stay within the weekly budget for groceries. The app can also calculate price of items after certain discount or sales tax. The app will keep track of grocery expirations, and suggest recipes with the ingredients set to expire before they expire.

A mobile app built with Swift, iOS.


In-gage is a mobile application that focuses on employee satisfaction and engagement in the workplace. Disengaged employees can potentially cause disruption, dissatisfaction, and decreased office morale within a company. By streamlining access to other employee's personal events and insights, office events and decisions, and human resources, we hope to ease the pressure of socializing and participating in the work environment, thus improving employee engagement, satisfaction, and morale.

A mobile app built with React Native, Expo.


Knowledgebase is a social trivia app designed to be user-friendly where people can connect with friend and other users and answer trivia.

A mobile app built with Ionic Framework, Firebase.

Koger Center for the Arts

The employees at the Koger Center wanted an app to be made so that patrons will be able to put in their ticket information before coming to the Koger Center so they know how to get to their seats. With this app, a user can put in their section and row (both of these are required) and seat number (optional) to get a detailed description of how to get to their seats.

Also, with this app, there is an admin login that takes registered admins to a dashboard where they can add events, edit/delete events, and send push notifications to users. Finally, there is additional functionality we added in to make the app useful for multiple uses. The upcoming events from the Koger Center website are scraped and addded to this app; parking information is included with links to navigation; events can be shared on social media; the rotating art gallery and art audio tour are included; and the users can contact the Koger Center through phone, email, or access the Koger Center website on the app.

A mobile app built with Ionic Framework, Angular, Firebase.


This is for those that want a simple way to track what they eat and also get recommended a workout to reach what ever goal they choose.

A mobile app built with Java, Android, Firebase.


LotSpotter is a parking lot occupancy traker built to help students, faculty, and staff make informed decisions on their commute to campus. Lotspotter includes features to favorite specific parking lots, manage parking passes, and get directions to parking lots. Users of the app are able to see current information about the capacity of parking locations as well as details on trends on capacity for the previous month.Lotspotter also allows users to purchas a parking pass from the app and share lot information via SMS.

A mobile app built with Ionic Framework.

Meal of Fortune

Meal of Fortune is an IOS app that helps you decide on where to go for lunch, when you don't know where to shop, or when you just want to see what kind of activities are around. Powered by Yelp, Meal of Fortune randomly returns a nearby place that fits your needs. The results can be modified so that you either get a list of nearby things, or we can pick one for you.

A mobile app built with Swift, iOS.

Meet Food and Culture

Senior Project, to build an app from React Native that allows users from all over the globe to connect through the one thing we can all relate with, food. Food is the gateway to relationships and exploration of new cultures.

A mobile app built with React Native, Firebase.

Mobile Dungeons

Mobile Dungeon is looking to create a mobile game with dungeon crawler and MMO elements. The game uses Unity as a framework and is primarily written in C#. Key features include the use of an on screen joystick or dpad, auto attack player abilities, and the use of checkpoints throughout the game. One goal is for the user to be able to jump right back into the game right where they left off to continue progressing through the game.

A mobile app built with C#, Unity.


MobileAssistant is an all in one personal assistant that can do many things. It can hold a conversation, help direct you to your location, check the whether, and more. With the use of MobileAssistant you can save time in your day by creating events, checking the traffic, and playing games all in one place.

A mobile app built with Java, Android.


Parenting is an Android and iOS App that provides parents with information, tricks, and tips to discipline and raise healthy, productive, happy children effectively. Joseph P. Boland, our client, believes that “most problems in the world like lying, stealing, cheating, greed, corruption, aggression, violence, narcissism, arrogance, depression, anxiety, anger problems, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, lack of motivation, bullying, poor self-esteem, underachievement, and many more can be traced back to insufficient or ineffective parenting.

A mobile app built with Ionic Framework.


PDBMine discovers existing protein structures with a similar k-mer sequence of the protein; this structural similarity helps construct its fragmented structure. PDBMine returns torsion angles, which our website clusters and displays in a scatter plot. Furthermore, PDBMine - Data can use these angles to generate a pdb file modeling the potential structure of the protein.

A web application built with Python, Django, Vue.js.


This app is a companion app for any main series Pokemon video game.

A mobile app built with Java, Android, Firebase.

Power Pods

Power pods is an app implementation of a transformative justice community building tool to serve as an alternative to policing. The main function of the app is for users to digitally organize their support system as a tool to use during violent, harmful, and abusive situations whether they are a survivor, bystander, or the person that did the harm.

A mobile app built with iOS, Swift, Firebase.

Project Brimstone

Project Brimstone is a single-player 2D roguelike game. Players assume the role of an alchemist fighting their way through the circles of Hell as described in Dante’s Inferno. Through crafting, players can create weapons, potions, and other useful items to aid them in fighting off the hordes of enemies they will encounter on their quest through the procedurally-generated inferno.

A desktop app built with C#, Unity.

Receipt Tracker

ReceiptTracker is a mobile application designed to allow users to monitor their spending activity. The user can scan their receipts and the app will store item purchase data from the receipt and add their expenses up to display how their expenses align with their monthly budget goal. It also categorizes spending into different categoris to enable the user to see which categories they spend the most/least on and how to budget for the future based on the current trends. Users will get monthly statements summarizing their spending activity!

A mobile app built with Ionic Framework, Firebase.

Space Dash

Space Dash is an endless runner, 2D-platformer created for mobile devices. The main goal of the game is to attain the highest score one possibly could, all while collecting power and shooting enemies as the game increasingly gets hard. Space Dash is a great game for down time, knocking of steam, or simply just wanting to play a video game!

A desktop app built with C#, Unity.


The SportCoin app allows for betting on sports games with BitCoin currency. Users can deposit money from their Bitcoin wallets into their accounts and are able to send bets to friends and wager however much money they prefer to. Otherwise, users can bet with the given odds against the house for each game. The SportCoin app will allow users to bet on matches across all sports without having to worry about entering credit card information, and they will be at no risk of getting their credit card information stolen, as they will simply be using cryptocurrency.

A mobile app built with React Native.

Stock Prediction

The Stock Prediction web app is a Django web app where users can track stock market prices and receive esimated prices based off of a TensorFlow Neural Network.

A web application built with Python, Django, Tensorflow.

Style Mail

StyleMail is the new way to send correspondence for any occasion. Choose from pre-made templates or create your own! You will be able to save, print, or email your correspondence!

A web application built with node.js, react.js.


The purpose of TabDab is to create a way for customers to touchlessly pay their bills at small food vendors for a more elegant payment experience as well as to ensure hygiene during the coronavius pandemic. TabDab also makes it easy for vendors to create bills, update menues, and view their daily totals.

A mobile app built with Java, Android, Firebase.

Tidewater Boats

Currently, Tidewater Boats uses hand notes and Microsoft Excel to keep track of where a boat is in the production process. The purpose of this app is to make it easier on the workers to know where an individual boat is at any point, while also being able to update the boat in real time. This app can also be used to rely information to Dealers faster and more reliably. There are built in tools that export spreadsheets and generate PDFs for all boats in the system saving time for even more people at Tidewater.

A web application built with Python, Django.


USurvive is a time management desktop application for university students. Busy students can input their classes, assignments, and grades into USurvive. The homescreen provides a summary currently enrolled classes, upcoming assignments, and overdue assignments. The sidebar shows the classes for the day selected in the calendar and upcoming assignments relative to the selected calandar day. The classes view allows you to add, edit, delete, and see an overview of individual classes. The assignments view allows you to manage assignments by adding them, editing them, or deleting them. The gradebook allows you to enter assignment grades and calculate your overall GPA.

A desktop app built with C#, WPF.


Designed to help you find or post small jobs in your area!

A mobile app built with Ionic Framework, Angular.


WorkHuntr is a job board where employers, known as huntees, can post listings to be claimed by candidates. Qualified candidates, known as hunters, can create a profile listing their qualifications and skills, search current listings, and claim the desired listing. The hunter with the claimed listing can then provide progress reports to the huntee using the progress tracker and communicate using the inbox.

A web application built with Python, Django.

World Watchlist

A social news watchlist app that will allow users socialize and denote keywords or topics and to receive live notifications when an article is published matching their keyword or topic.

A mobile app built with Ionic Framework, React, Firebase.

Last update: April 27, 2021