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Designed to help you find or post small jobs in your area!

built with Ionic Framework, Angular.

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The target audience for our app will be people looking for quick small jobs that they can get paid for. Within our app, individuals are able to sign up as a job poster or a job doer. Individuals who post jobs will give a basic description of the service that they are looking to have completed and set the price of the payout. Individuals who are looking for jobs will be able to look through the posted jobs and find one that appeals to them and get in contact with the job poster through the app. Ideally, payment will also be able to be done through the app. Jobs will be curated for users based on geographic location. There will also be some kind of review and rating system for the people that are completing the jobs. Our app would be a webapp and we plan on using Angular framework to develop our app.


Anthony Castellano, Brandon Race, Janki Patel, Caleb Ulch, Nicholas Rabena.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021