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L.E.T., or Lab Equipment Tracker, is a project management and scheduling application using Meteor(1) that will allow the client to efficiently manage new projects. Specifically, this application will focus on automating the management and scheduling of the AFP process while optimizing the equipment to improve the life span of and reduce wasted materials. One of the goals of the application is to improve communication between users by being a common place for them to schedule the time and details of new projects. It will also help them track these projects and related needs, such as materials used. This will increase the speed of production and allow the users to work more efficiently. In conclusion, this application will make it easier for the client to complete AFP cycles while also tracking the related components.

It was developed by Jenny Wilkes, Michael Hauf, Melissa Plakyda, Kristen Rabon.

The client for this project was Dr. Zafar Gürdal, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, McNair Center.

GitHub Repo

Last update: November 1, 2018