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Silhou Sports

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There is no sport more data-driven than baseball. We plan to develop a web-app where athletes, individuals, or anyone in a non-professional sports league can enter their personal statistics for a given season to gain insights and draw player comparisons to professionals in their respective sport. There is lots of potential for an application that manipulates and analyzes player data to compare players on an attribute-by-attribute basis. This application will also be widely used for league management, creating an interface for coaches, league managers, and tournament managers, and players to interact in a simple and easy to use way. On a broad level, users of this app should be able to enter their personal statistics for a given period (season, game, etc.) and receive a detailed report of their performance in comparison to the other players in their league, as well as professionals in their sport. They should also be able to share their stats on social media.

Tech: A webapp using node, svelt, tailwindcss, prisma, vercel.


Patrick Burroughs, Shashank Comandur, Hailey Lamere, Eric Lesslie, David Wamai.


Last update: April 23, 2024