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Style Mail

StyleMail is the new way to send correspondence for any occasion. Choose from pre-made templates or create your own! You will be able to save, print, or email your correspondence!

A web application built with node.js, react.js.

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Tired of dull, lifeless emails with boring text and attachments? StyleMail is a web app that allows you to pick from and customize stylized HTML and CSS email templates. Simply pick a style, fill out your text and adjust a few settings, then click a button to copy the template into your email client to continue editing. Whether you're looking to give a fun vibe for digital party invitations or a professional vibe for a business memo, spice up your emails with StyleMail!


Kevin Hagan, Olivia Monty, Garrett Erven, Sierra Stewart, James Farmer.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021