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A web application build using react, node, and express.

Website Repository


"Pollinate" will be a web application that will be a web based social e-commerce platform. This platform will advertise in real time based on consumer postings on the website. Users will post current deals linking to company's websites (mall listings, flight deals, hotel deals, sales, etc). Each "member" that posts a deal will be able to earn reward points if the link to the deal is utilized. Furthermore, the merchant will provide advertisement fee to the buyer when the item is purchased through "pollinate advertising". A percentage of the revenue would go to Pollinate for social advertising. Finally, data analytics will be possible through customer/consumer reviews which will enable product marketing, design changes, or product revisions and adjustment of supply based on demand.


Blake Pathammavong, Bailey Metz, Christopher Miller, Justin Morris, Michael Afrin.


Ashay Chitnis. Startup Founder.


Last update: May 27, 2021