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Grosh keeps track of all grocery related issues. Grosh can track the items a user buys based upon the user-input item list. Grosh can keep track of weekly budget, this will help the user stay within the weekly budget for groceries. The app can also calculate price of items after certain discount or sales tax. The app will keep track of grocery expirations, and suggest recipes with the ingredients set to expire before they expire.

built with Swift, iOS.

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Our Grocery Budgeting and Recipe app scans barcodes of various grocery items and asks if you want to put in your "To get" list or if you want to know the price of the scanned item. The app will be capable of keeping track of a weekly grocery budget ensuring the user doesn’t go over the budget and is optimized to save money and convenience. Along with that it will also tell you the prices of the items in the your "To get" list from different grocery store. The app keeps track of the expiration dates of the items that you bought, and you can set the reminder to notify you before they expire. It will suggest possible recipes from the items that are about to expire in near future. You can store the items expiration list by scanning the receipt or can manually add them. App also lets you select the items you have and give you the recipe the can be made from the selected items.


Robert Carey, Praful Chunchu, Jeejun Kim, Nishat Tabassum, Maitri Patel.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021