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The CSE Capstone Computing Project course is the final 2-semester project-centered course for all Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Computer Information Systems majors at USC. Teams of students design, develop, implement, test, and deploy software applications. Many teams work with outside clients that need a software application built for them. Other teams act as entrepreneurs and work on their own idea for a startup project. All teams deliver a professional-quality application of significant complexity and with a complete feature set. You can watch video demonstrations of last year's projects. During this class the students will:

  1. Work with the client or users to generate a set of requirements.
  2. Generate several GUI designs. Iterate over these with the client.
  3. Learn to develop for their chosen platform.
  4. Learn to use source control and project-management tools.
  5. Produce several releases of their software.
  6. Write and deploy automated tests. Use continuous improvement tools.
  7. Perform quality assurance inspections.
  8. Create online documentation and marketing material in the form of a website and video demonstration.
  9. Produce and release a professional-quality, bug-free, fully-featured software application.

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Last update: May 28, 2021