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Tidewater Boats

Currently, Tidewater Boats uses hand notes and Microsoft Excel to keep track of where a boat is in the production process. The purpose of this app is to make it easier on the workers to know where an individual boat is at any point, while also being able to update the boat in real time. This app can also be used to rely information to Dealers faster and more reliably. There are built in tools that export spreadsheets and generate PDFs for all boats in the system saving time for even more people at Tidewater.

A web application built with Python, Django.

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Tidewater Boats is boat manufacturer in Lexington, SC. Would like an app to reference where in production line (step) the boat is located in plant. Sales and management would use app to let dealers know where their boat is and when it will be finished. Currently, we use flow chart to track by sales order numbers which of 13 steps of boat is located. The boats move on dollies once laminated in step 1.


Zachary Kilgore, Adam Weber, Jake Fuller, Thomas Scampini, Scott Craig.


Tami Cupp, Controller, Tidewater Boats


Last update: May 27, 2021