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Receipt Tracker

ReceiptTracker is a mobile application designed to allow users to monitor their spending activity. The user can scan their receipts and the app will store item purchase data from the receipt and add their expenses up to display how their expenses align with their monthly budget goal. It also categorizes spending into different categoris to enable the user to see which categories they spend the most/least on and how to budget for the future based on the current trends. Users will get monthly statements summarizing their spending activity!

built with Ionic Framework, Firebase.

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Our app allows the user to scan their receipts and automatically keep track of what they spend their money on each month. Essentially the way it works is simple. All a user has to do is scan a receipt from their purchase and our app will be able to automatically categorize the type of purchase made as well as add the amount they spend to their running total for the month. The OCR library we plan to use in order to read the receipts properly will be tesseract.js.

We also hope to implement a budgeting tool that will allow the user to set goals for how much they want to limit their spending in certain category and once they start to approach their set goal they will receive a notification.

Our target for this app is to both support iOS as well as Android users. In order to achieve this we will be using the Ionic framework to create a user experience that will work well on both platforms.


Jake Bukuts, Anukrithi Myadala, Kannika Phatsavong, Andrew Tant, Deja Scott.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021