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WorkHuntr is a job board where employers, known as huntees, can post listings to be claimed by candidates. Qualified candidates, known as hunters, can create a profile listing their qualifications and skills, search current listings, and claim the desired listing. The hunter with the claimed listing can then provide progress reports to the huntee using the progress tracker and communicate using the inbox.

A web application built with Python, Django.

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The product will be a job board/collaboration website written in Python using the Django framework where people can look for projects to be completed or for someone to help with a project. The originator will then open up the job for bids and decide which proposal best fits their needs. The winning bidder will then be able to submit progress reports to the customer to keep them apprised of the rate of completion.


Matthew Re, Tien Nguyen, Noah Shaw, Timothy Bollman, Justin Hill.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021