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Milestone 1: Form Teams

Due Date

Due Date: September 8
Grading: Team


Before you finish this milestone you should watch the teamwork lecture.

For this milestone you will

  1. Have your first group meeting.
  2. Figure out how you will get organized, what your team name will be.
  3. Reach out to your client.

At your first team meeting you should:

  1. Exchange contact information with everyone on your team: for both standard messaging (email) and ‘emergency’ situations (phone #).

  2. Determine a time for team meetings that is agreeable to everyone on the team.

  3. Choose online communication method: email, slack, gitter, groupme, spectrum, whatever.

  4. Establish a minimum frequency for message checking. Namely, everyone should check their messages at least once a day. This means that if you ask someone else a question they will reply within 24 hours.

  5. Discuss options, approaches, what will be involved with your project. Expand the project description to include these ideas for when you meet with other stakeholders in your project (e.g., project manager, mentors, customers, etc.).

  6. Elect a team captain. The team captain will be responsible for:

    • sending all work, including project reports and project meeting reports, to the instructor.
    • disseminating the results of reviews and project feedback to the other members of the team;
    • scheduling team meetings;
    • coordinating project activities with your customer and interfacing with the project manager.
  7. Select roles and designate responsibilities for all team members. Possible roles are (Everyone on the team is expected to contribute to each part of the project. The assigned roles simply indicate how the work involved in various tasks might be distributed.):

    • Captain: (see above responsibilities)
    • Editor: collect, assemble, edit, and format team reports for submission to instructor, project manager, and others; correct writing and grammar;
    • Client Representative: coordinate with customer;
    • Tester
    • Researcher: research possible libraries;
    • Repo master: helps everyone setup their git.
    • Optimist, Pessimist, Analyst: advocate, challenge, analyze ideas;
  8. Develop a set of team process guidelines to include:

    • Team name, mission and objectives;
    • Member contact information;
    • Meeting times, and guidelines;
    • Roles;
    • How conflicts will be resolved.


  1. It helps us if you set your real name in your profile, at least your first name.

  2. On your github repo, add all of this semester’s milestones as Milestones in your github Issues. Set the correct due date on them. Make them look like this.

  3. Add a wiki page (or more) to your repo titled “Team Organization” and list there the decisions you made on the questions (1-8) above. Note that you will be turning in many of the early Milestones as wiki pages, so think about how you will organize your wiki.