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Food Pantry is an app designed to help users manage their pantry and create meal plans according to their current dietary needs and inventory. When the app is first started, users will be greeted with a login page unless they are already logged into their account. After signing in, users will be greeted with a custom main page that allows them to access other features of the app. The Pantry page is where users can input their current inventory and update it as needed. The Daily Nutrition page is where users can log their nutrition and share their nutrition plan with other users. The Recipes page is where users can search, save, and share recipes with other users. These recipes can be added to their generated meal plan. Users can save search preferences in the settings page.

Tech: An android app using kotlin.


Jayden Allen, Avery Cronin, Saleem Grich, Riley Haywood.


Last update: April 23, 2024