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The SportCoin app allows for betting on sports games with BitCoin currency. Users can deposit money from their Bitcoin wallets into their accounts and are able to send bets to friends and wager however much money they prefer to. Otherwise, users can bet with the given odds against the house for each game. The SportCoin app will allow users to bet on matches across all sports without having to worry about entering credit card information, and they will be at no risk of getting their credit card information stolen, as they will simply be using cryptocurrency.

built with React Native.

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We will be using react-native to develop an app to allow users to bet on sporting matches and events by using bitcoin (BitcoinJS library), and we will implement a method to hold users accountable for their bets. The platform that our app is targeting is Android users.


Matthew Vello, Anvith Deeconda, Sanjay Ravindra, Shashwat Ravi.

This is a startup project.


Last update: May 27, 2021