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Client Project Proposals for 2020-2021

Below are all the client project proposals for 2020-2021. See the 490 Syllabus#team-formation for instructions on how we form teams.

1. Strides4

I want to develop an app called Strides4 (I already own the domain) that is a micro-donation app that workshop with a phone's fitness tracker. People set small weekly health goals (I want to climb 500 steps, I want to run three times this week, I want to bike 50 miles, etc) and when they achieve that goal, they will automatically donate a small sum of their choosing (50 cents, $1) to cancer research. Our phones already captures a tremendous amount of health data already, and it would be terrific to be able to use that data to do some good. Another way to engage with the Strides4 app is that people can make small instagram videos (about 15 - 20 seconds) describing a person they are making strides for. For example, I might say a few words about my mom and why I am donating my fitness and money every week in her honor. Users of the app can elect to have a few small videos sent to them each week as motivation and to see how many other people connected to the video they uploaded. Even most college students could afford to donate $0.50 a week - and that adds up. If a million people use the app, that’s $500000 a week - $2,600,000 a year.

Down the road, we could get fitness, health, equipment and merchandise companies to match the exercise done using their respective products. Trek Bikes could donate a half a quarter for a cent for every mile biked, Nike shoes could donate for every mile run, Speedo could donate for every lap swum. But for right now, an app that can integrate with the phone’s fitness info and also facilitating micro-donations would be the goal for this app. Together, we can all work to eliminate cancer.490 Syllabus

Peter Duffy, MFA, Ed.D.
Interim Associate Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance
Associate Professor
Head of Master of Arts in Teaching Program
Director of Research for the International Drama/Theatre Education Association
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
(803) 777-1277

2. Koger Center App

At the Koger Center for the Arts as guests arrive for a performance, the most frequent question is, “Where do I go?”.

The Koger Center has 3 levels of seating with multiple entrances on each side, so the confusion is understandable. Unfortunately, this issue causes several problems. Directing guests takes up employee time, slows down admittance, sometimes to the point of delaying the start of the show, and causes a line to form at entry points.. Frequently, people get in the wrong admittance line, and when they finally get to the ticket taker, find they are on the wrong side or level of the theater, then they have to go stand in another line. In some cases guests are running late and by the time they find out which side, level and door they should use, the show has started and they can’t enter the auditorium until a suitable break-people really, really, really hate missing the start of a show!

Every ticket has a designation for the side, level, row and seat of the theater. I have a full explanation below, but as an example, let’s say our guest Mr. Jones has a ticket marked LORC E 28. This means Mr. Jones should go to the 1st floor, enter the left side of the theater (left from the perspective of facing the stage) enter through door 7 and go to row E, seat 28. To complicate things further, each door into the auditorium opens up to multiple rows and Mr. Jones has to see which row is E, not an easy task when the lights are dim.

Our vision would be an app for our guests to use that would solve these problems. Happier guests=more guests over time. More guests over time=a more successful business. If Mr. Jones could open an app, put in his LORC E 28 and have the Koger Center map pop up with a line, path of footsteps or some other indicator showing him where to go, that would solve many issues.

As we were thinking about this, we realized that it would make the app more attractive if it served other functions as well. So, if Mr. Jones opened the app he could not only find his seat easily, he could find other information like:

  • Anticipated traffic issues, sometimes the Colonial Life Arena is holding an event on the same night as one of our events and we could warn guests that there will be heavy traffic and streets closed.

  • If valet parking is available for a performance and the cost

  • Links to additional information about the performance, things like videos of clips from the show, interviews with choreographers, bios of composers, etc.

  • If you like this show, you may want to see ___________________ (name of another upcoming show) on _________ (date). You can get more information or purchase tickets at

So if there could be fields where we could insert this kind of information on a per event basis, it would be a helpful feature. It would be even better if we could link these fields to our current website so that we would only have to enter the information once.

We know that we are not the only venue facing these kind of issues, so it seems that this app would have broader commercial appeal beyond the Koger Center. I’ve attached a picture of one of our tickets along with a seating map and floor

How to read our tickets:

Tickets are marked "LORC/LTGT/LBAL" or "RORC/RTGT/RBAL". When standing in front of the large red wall in the Koger Center, the "L" or left entrances will be to your left and the "R" or right entrances will be to your right. There are two sets of stairs in the Koger Center, as well as elevators near the Coat Room.

ORC is the Orchestra level (ground floor). Single letter rows (A, B, etc.) are located in the Orchestra.

GT is the Grand Tier, which is the second floor. Seats numbered 100+ and double letter rows (AA, BB, etc.) are located in the Grand Tier.

BAL is the Balcony level (third floor). Seats numbered 200+ and triple letter rows (AAA, BBB, etc.) are located in the Balcony, which is the third floor.

Karen Magradey
Assistant Director, Koger Center for the Arts
1051 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 777-9781

3. Colite Technologies

Colite Technologies helps businesses switch to renewable energy sources that promote sustainable business and energy resilience.

The company is interested in developing a database and web application that will let users view visualizations of the data the system receives from our systems. Each pole generates more than 20 data points from the PV panel, Wind turbine, and batteries every 2 seconds, however, the data input will be mocked for this class. For example, the web app could provide a button to turn on/off each light, instead of receiving that data from a real physical light. Also, red flags can be added to the webapp to show batteries’ deep discharge, and other abnormalities.

We prefer using AWS for this project and we are ready to pay for AWS subscription, but also open to other platforms if your students feel more comfortable using them.

Arash Anzalchi, PhD
Engineering Manager
Colite Technologies 5 Technology Circle
Columbia, SC 29203
O: (803) 832-2554
C: (803) 917-0138

4. Parenting App

Client Wants to Own Your Code

Note that this client wants to own all the code, and other intellectual property, that you create in this class. If you want to keep a copy of your code (say, to publish it in GitHub) then do not choose this project.

Also note that you would need to do "Part two" (below) since "Part 1" is just a bunch of static pages with no user interaction and thus not enough coding for the Capstone class. Part 2 has user interaction.

I want to become a client of the CSE Capstone project class. I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in helping parents become more effective in parenting and discipline. Most problems in the world like lying, stealing, cheating, greed, corruption, aggression, violence, narcissism, arrogance, depression, anxiety, anger problems, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, lack of motivation, bullying, poor self-esteem, underachievement, and many more can be traced back to poor or ineffective parenting. I believe parenting is both the most import job in the world and the most difficult because we have no training. Most parents are confused and look to the internet which has lots of information, most of which conflicts with what others are saying and in my opinion, is unhelpful advice. Please help me change the world and help parents with my parenting app.

The app will be educational. I specialize in parenting and effective discipline and have helped thousands of parents but unfortunately only one at a time. This app will hopefully help parents around the world. One of the psychologist is my practice is Hispanic and fluent in Spanish so I hope to develop the app in both English and Spanish. The educational part of the app will educate parents on how to discipline effectively and raise healthy, productive, happy children. It could have numerous parenting questions and answers in typed or video form with me answering the questions. The app will also send weekly parenting tips and reminders.

The previous email had a part two of the app which I would want to keep all the intellectual properties of that idea and app. I would be willing to pay for the students time to develop that app as I am hoping to publish that app. I would be willing to let you publish part one idea and we could just focus on part one and then part two would be a follow up project. If the group is interested, I would be happy for them to also take on part two. Part two should not be published. I am open to feedback. After the CSE Capstone projects is completed, I will probably need to further develop the app and need maintenance so I would be willing to consider continuing to work with the team or any particular student, paying them for their time. As per your website, I am requesting that students to enter into a confidentiality agreement in order for me to participate in part two and provide this project to the students. I will also expect you to be careful not to over disclose to the public part two, allowing the idea to be stolen/used by someone else before me.

Joseph P. Boland, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

5. GITI Maintenance Downtime Android App

You will follow written guidelines set forth by GITI MES Engineers to develop a custom Android App for mobile scanner devices that allows shop floor maintenance workers the ability to receive and respond to electronic support tickets for machinery that is down (non-operational). Using this new application, the maintenance worker can accept the ticket, scan in the machine number, enter in the problem and solution, scan any required parts needed, and close the ticket by scanning the machine workers ID upon completion. The application communicates with a networked SQL database to read and record support ticket data. The Android application can be built using either Android Studio or Visual Studio Xamarin.

Jay Kerosetz
Senior Manager - MES
GITI TIRE Manufacturing (USA) LTD.
2978 Lancaster Hwy.
Richburg, SC 29729
Direct: 1-803-789-4171
Mobile: 1-803-431-1163

6. GITI Maintenance Downtime User Interface

You will follow written guidelines set forth by GITI MES Engineers to develop a web-based interface for machine workers to submit an electronic support ticket to maintenance workers for a machine that is currently down (non-operational). The interface allows the worker to select the machine number, the operator ID, and select one or more technical symptom(s) the machine is currently undergoing. The ticket is sent to a networked SQL database where it is eventually broadcasted to maintenance workers carrying mobile devices (see project above). The web-based interface should be built with ASP.NET (MVC), Javascript, and CSS.

Jay Kerosetz
Senior Manager - MES
GITI TIRE Manufacturing (USA) LTD.
2978 Lancaster Hwy.
Richburg, SC 29729
Direct: 1-803-789-4171
Mobile: 1-803-431-1163

7. Hookie

Hookie is a mobile app that allows parents and school officials to track bus riders when they board and un-board their assigned school bus. The app will collect essential data allowing for better and efficient bus routes. It recognizes in real-time students' boarding and on-boarding, helping to navigate bus travel time on their routes. The app will send parents push notifications about their child whereabouts at all times while on the bus, their arrival, school departure, and any stops. Capture a realtime manifest for first responders, emergency, or generic travel patterns. Hookie will assist on field trips sporting events and daily bus routes. Additional functions, parents can track if the bus is late if their child missed the bus, etc.

Christopher Williams
Director of Partnership Development
STEM U MBE Certified

8. Decisions Game

What we are looking for is to build an online web-based module that allows for users (tailored towards educators) to build a non-linear decision-making model. We would like this software to be a publicly available web application through the internet. The overall “programming” of the gameplay will ideally allow administrators to preset some character/avatar settings (e.g., for criminal justice, the released individual’s gender, race, and socioeconomic status have a grave impact on their ability to re-assimilate into society). This module should function like a game that students can play during a course (comparable to The Game of Life) where students are presented with scenarios and asked to make decisions. This module should allow users to input different scenarios that certain “decisions” will either facilitate or halt from happening. For example, from a criminal justice standpoint, a recently released prisoner might have the option to either pay child support or pay their electric bill for the month. Each of these decisions have positive and negative consequences that the released prisoner will have to acknowledge and deal with. Ideally, we would like the game to be easily edited to be used in different disciplines as well (e.g., biomedical studies, business, etc.). Overall, we hope that this application will allow educators of all sorts to break down and explain complex topics that require non-linear learning/teaching techniques.

Amber Wilson & Philip Berry
Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice
Phone: (912)531-1519
Email Address: ;

9. Online Reservations for Baruch Marine Field Lab

The USC Baruch Marine Field Lab located in Georgetown, SC operates dorms and cottages for visiting students and scientists to use while doing research at the Field Lab. Currently, reservations and billing are all handled manually with pencil and paper. We would like a system developed to modernize this.

Some features that we would like in this project are:

  • Online reservation calendar which shows how many beds are available in each facility which shows how many beds are available, and allows user to reserve accommodations

    • Notification sent to the reservation coordinator to handle payment arrangements
  • Rates will be provided based on lodging type (single bed, entire cottage , shared room in dorm, or entire dorm room)

  • Booking details hidden from end user – only allow them to see availability

  • Access to booking information by staff via login

  • Yearly report of overnight guests

-Report should list the affiliation of the user (if they are student of USC or another institute, if they are faculty/staff of USC or another institution, or if they are from another outside agency – a total number of each would be sufficient).

This would ideally be web-based running on a back-end server to allow accessibility from multiple locations.

BMFL will provide free housing for involved students throughout the duration of the project. In addition, the team will be offered site tours, including a boat tour of Winyah Bay, North Inlet, and associated beaches, to familiarize themselves with what our unique site has to offer guests.

Kyle Houser
Network Manager
Baruch Marine Field Laboratory
Georgetown, SC 29442

10. Tidewater Tracker

Tidewater Boats is boat manufacturer in Lexington, SC. Would like an app to reference where in production line (step) the boat is located in plant. Sales and management would use app to let dealers know where their boat is and when it will be finished. Currently, we use flow chart to track by sales order numbers which of 13 steps of boat is located. The boats move on dollies once laminated in step 1.

Ideally, would run on IPhone or Android for quick reference.

Tami Cupp

11. Customer Relationship Management webapp

We want a web application to be used by our employees. An employee/user should be able to login to the webapp and enter information about each customer, such as their name, address, CRM number, etc. The webapp will also show the user a summary table containing the total number of "something" every month.

Ross Bagley

12. Online Resumes

I spoke with a colleague and they had an idea for a College Career Recruiting App "College Career Connection". The app will serve as a platform for current and recent college students to build online portfolios for employers to search them by their profiles. The app also allows job seekers which are college students to search jobs by an algorithm that narrows down the search based on keywords, web crawl. The premise behind the application is to provide a dedicated platform for employers to identify pipeline talent based on specific college student profiles.

Christopher Williams
Director of Partnership Development
STEM U MBE Certified
AINautics "CONCEPT. PRODUCT. TRAIN" 803.556.1533

Last update: August 24, 2020