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Yiqian Sun, Tariq Scott, Nick Vincent Bautista, Bradley Williamson, Laverrian Blakely.

We are making a mobile game that is a 2d-platformer. This will be an adventure game where the player has to survive in a procedural-generated world where they survive off of collectibles and attempt to score as high as possible.

When it comes to high-level features:

  1. Procedural-generated levels, so every game you start will have a randomly generated world.
  2. The game will continually scale, so as long as you are alive the map will continue to generate, and stops when the user dies.
  3. Movement mechanics will involve user-skill, so the user will have to make the correct move in order to continue surviving.
  4. There will be an achievement and stat-tracker, so the user's achievements and statistics they've accumulated will be tracked and stored.

The platform that the game will be created on is Unity. We are targeting are mobile operating systems, so iOS and Android.

Tech: C#, Unity

This is a startup project.


Duncan Evans, Jennifer Scholz, Vanessa Madrid, Jhada Kahan-Thomas.

Accountability pods is an app implementation of a transformative justice community building tool to serve as an alternative to policing. The main function of the app is for users to digitally organize their support system as a tool to use during violent, harmful, and abusive situations whether they are a survivor, bystander, or the person that did the harm.

Tech: iOS, Swift, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Claire Sturgill, Jenna Pehowski, Timothy Hooks, Naga Venkata Sai Jagjit Satti, Niharika Pandala.

Our objective is to provide efficient computational solutions to better analyze genomic data, i.e., protein structure predictions based on torsion angles (phi-φ and psi-ψ)of previously classified proteins from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) to model a given/unknown amino acid sequence considering a rolling window size (k-mer). K-mer, where k is a given number of amino acid fragments of the user’s interest.

Tech: Python, Django, Vue.js

The client for this project is Dr. Homay Valafar, CSE Dept.


Deirdre Edmonds, Zakariya Mehdi, David Mims, Inan Ismailov, Carter Venable.

The idea of Cadi is to take a dating app like Tinder and make it for internships. In essence, you would have a college student's name pop up and then a limited number of characters or fields would pop up. Recruiters could then just swipe through people based on their certain search preferences(major, year, skills, etc). Our idea revolves around the ideology of "they don't spend more than 3 seconds looking at your resume" from that we put the 3 seconds worth of information on the app. They can then choose to match with a said college student or not based on that condensed info. Once a match is found they can message you or you can message them. Along with, after matching your full resume will show up to give them even more detail. We will be using Android native Java to build this app.

Tech: Java, Android

This is a startup project.


Noah Wartzack, Carson Stabell, Caila Buckhaults, Kurt Walker, Samuel Dunny.

The goal for this project is to create a desktop game, wherein a player traverses a maze filled with NPCs and equip-able items, with the goal of conquering different sections of the maze to escape. The player will be able to pick up and use items along the way in battle against NPCs.

Tech: C++, SMFL

This is a startup project.


Xavier Sidney, Alex Tsai, Colter Boudinot, Landin Thorsted.

The app we are making is a 3D game made using Unity. The user will be able to control a player that fights enemies, primarily bosses. This game will be playable on windows as well as in the web browser.

Tech: Unity, C#

This is a startup project.


William Heffernan, Alexander Scott, Andrew Shroyer, Hunter Hageny, Addison Fabry.

Every large virtual meeting nowadays often comes with one major caveat: only one user can talk at a time. Our application will allow users to join a two-dimensional space in which their camera feed is their avatar, and they can move themselves around the space to speak with friends. With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, this app can effectively simulate the real-life large gathering experience. We are constructing this app using to handle net synchronization, for video communication, and express.js to handle API calls.

Tech: node.js, firebase

This is a startup project.


Simon Benzer, Matthew Hayward, Andrew Denman, Kundana Narla.

Our project is centered around working with Colite Technologies, a company helping businesses switch to renewable energy sources that promote sustainable business and energy resilience.

Tech: node.js, vue.js, AWS

The client for this project is Arash Anzalchi, PhD: Engineering Manager ; Colite Technologies


Robert Carey, Praful Chunchu, Jeejun Kim, Nishat Tabassum, Maitri Patel.

Our Grocery Budgeting and Recipe app scans barcodes of various grocery items and asks if you want to put in your "To get" list or if you want to know the price of the scanned item. The app will be capable of keeping track of a weekly grocery budget ensuring the user doesn’t go over the budget and is optimized to save money and convenience. Along with that it will also tell you the prices of the items in the your "To get" list from different grocery store. The app keeps track of the expiration dates of the items that you bought, and you can set the reminder to notify you before they expire. It will suggest possible recipes from the items that are about to expire in near future. You can store the items expiration list by scanning the receipt or can manually add them. App also lets you select the items you have and give you the recipe the can be made from the selected items.

Tech: Swift, iOS

This is a startup project.


Regan Willis, Laura Trombetta, Sarayu Das, Divya Cherukupalli, Shreya Bose.

Our project will create a COVID map tracker application. This application would allow you to anonymously post the location of yourself, or a known subject who is infected with COVID and create a radius on the map to share with other anonymous users. The users will be able to anonymously submit their location or the location of a known COVID case, and it will display on a map with other COVID cases. The purpose of this map is for users to be able to view the map and see where COVID clusters are, while protecting the identity of the COVID carrier. The platform targeted is Android/IOS mobile app. This project will be implemented using an Android native Java app, and use Firebase as the app development platform.

Tech: Java, Android, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Miller Banford, Maximilian Killian, Katherine Kopper, Andrew Jones, Qi Wei Chen.

Our project is to build an online web-based module that allows the users to build a non-linear decision-making model.

Tech: Python, Django

This is a startup project.


Anna Lee, Trinity Gough, Christopher Brooks, Zach Lynch, Michael Madden.

We want to design a mobile application that focuses on employee satisfaction and engagement in the workplace by streamlining access to other employee's personal events and outlooks to ease the pressure of socializing in the workplace.

Tech: React Native, Expo

This is a startup project.


Brendan Curran, Charles Almond, Brendan Reidy, Cody Shearer, Blake Edwards.

Scan-and-go is a form of self-checkout which has recently been growing in popularity with big-box stores. A patron at a participating store can use an app on their phone to scan and pay for items without going through the typical checkout process.

Tech: Java, Tomcat, Eclipse Jersey, JavaScript

This is a startup project.


Ryan Hinson, Zekhai Meadows, Jonathan Bundy, Rene Charles, William Lefler.

Food Stop is an app designed to eliminate the issue of deciding where to eat. It will provide users the option to randomize a choice from their selected preferences based on restaurant type, location, and personal tastes. Users will be able to add or remove style and type of food to their preferences at any time to fit their mood, time, and location. Users will also be able to add friends to receive a randomized location together for group outings. It will be an app available on iOS.

Tech: Ionic Framework, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Matthew Re, Tien Nguyen, Noah Shaw, Timothy Bollman, Justin Hill.

The product will be a job board/collaboration website written in Python using the Django framework where people can look for projects to be completed or for someone to help with a project. The originator will then open up the job for bids and decide which proposal best fits their needs. The winning bidder will then be able to submit progress reports to the customer to keep them apprised of the rate of completion.

Tech: Python, Django

This is a startup project.


Bennett Marra, Tristan Williams, Christopher Kelbe, Jacob Hiers, Oliver Mills.

A grid based space 3D tower defense game built in Unity using C#.

Tech: C#, Unity

This is a startup project.


Rutvik Patel, Mayank Patel, Anand Patel, Ravi Patel.

Our app will be a Social trivia app that will have categories of multiple choice questions. The questions will be general knowledge questions. We allow user to create their profile (name, profile picture) and also edit them in future. The app will have features such as: friend requests, chatting with friends, and a custom packs. It also will have leaderboard globally based on points the user have earned through answering questions. User can also create a questions and invite their friends to answer via the custom packs system.

Tech: Ionic Framework, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Joshua Acree, Warren Beagle, Devon Harant, James Cochran, Justin Brown.

The Koger Center App will allow the user to find their seat from their ticket as well as encompass other features to help users and customers anticipate possible traffic issues, show valet parking, show links to the performance and clips of the show, and suggestions for other shows that the user/customer might enjoy. The targeted platforms are iOS and Android. Therefore, we will be using the Ionic Framework with an Angular codebase. In addition, we will be using Firebase Realtime Database.

Tech: Ionic Framework, Angular, Firebase

The client for this project is Nathan Terracio, Director, Koger Center for the Arts


Chase Henry, Jennifer Nguyen, Jane Kim, Malik Davis.

A First Person 3D Game with limited Player movement where the user must solve puzzles in order to complete the game. This will be a Unity project that will be built for and targeting Windows users.

Tech: C#, Unity

This is a startup project.


Daniel Jones, Austin Staton, Cassidy Bradley, Abigail Delnoce, Luis Baez.

This is an app that will add convenience to all faculty, staff, and students on the University of South Carolina, Columbia campus. The hybrid app (i.e., targeting iOS, Android, and Web), built with Ionic 5, will use a camera at the entrance and exit of parking lots on the university campus to monitor a parking lots occupancy. App users will be able to adjust their plans on a morning commute, based on the data the learned model is relaying to a server.

Tech: Ionic Framework

This is a startup project.


Adam Kenvin, Christopher Moyer, Dennis Perea, Timothy Gedney, Benjamin Ritz.

IOS app that randomly returns a restaurant/bar/business to the user based on their location and any modifiers they select. The modifiers will decrease the possible choices based so the app will only return from the users desired pool.

Tech: Swift, iOS

This is a startup project.


Adam Power, Diem Dao, Adam Nguyen, Terric Taylor, Tsung Wei Wu.

A mobile application that: - Assists a user in connecting with other people within the area having similar food interests. - Gives people, who are new to an area, an open mind to try new cultures through food. - Brings security to meet up with new people while exploring new places. - Gives an option to people who want to take advantage of restaurant party/group options. - Allows users who are willing to share/split bills with someone else, to try the place out. - Lets users post their plans (location, type of food, description, time) that allow others, who are interested, to reach out (FCFS). - Has a messaging platform for users to get to know each other before meeting up. - Shows user's profile with reliable information. We will use Firebase as our platform to store our user information and create an app from here. The app will be hybrid with IoS and Android using React Native and Firebase.

Tech: React Native, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Cooper Gregory, Dongyu Chen, Cameron Brandenburg, Hui Wang, Henry Vy.

Our project is an Android-based mobile app. As a highly customizable virtual assistant, it displays weather forecast, creates alerts with calendar, sends unique notifications, and responds to your text accordingly. It also has an easy-to-use interactive user interface which allows the users to play with the adorable main character, personalize what types of weather information they see, and how an alert is delivered.

Tech: Java, Android

This is a startup project.


Nicholas Knight, Andrew Gray, Steven Topper, William Klenotiz, Matthew Meadows.

Mobile Dungeon is looking to create a mobile game with dungeon crawler and MMO elements. The game uses Unity as a framework and is primarily written in C#. Key features include the use of an on screen joystick or dpad, auto attack player abilities, and the use of checkpoints throughout the game. One goal is for the user to be able to jump right back into the game right where they left off to continue progressing through the game.

Tech: C#, Unity

This is a startup project.


Cole Kirby, Joshua Molina, Jackson Hodgson, Yared Mamo.

Parenting101 will be an Android and iOS App that provides parents with information, tricks, and tips to effectively discipline and raise healthy, productive, happy children. Joseph P. Boland, our client, believes that "most problems in the world like lying, stealing, cheating, greed, corruption, aggression, violence, narcissism, arrogance, depression, anxiety, anger problems, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, lack of motivation, bullying, poor self-esteem, underachievement, and many more can be traced back to poor or ineffective parenting.". App users will watch informational parenting videos, browse pages with information, receive weekly newsletters with tips, and take short quizzes to check their understanding. To tie everything together, Parenting101 will feature a "choose-your-own-adventure" section where parents can receive customized plans to handle situations. These plans will contain conversation guides, links to other resources, and give parents the ability to send customized messages to their children with videos and resources tailored to that situation.

Tech: Ionic Framework

The client for this project is Joseph P. Boland, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


Nicholas Mueller, Davis Edwards, Tyler Morehead, Jacob Letizia, Noah Jackson.

Companion app for Pokemon games to serve as not only a general informational tool for Pokemon games, but also allows several features to enhance the player's experience in their game.

Tech: Java, Android, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Jake Bukuts, Anukrithi Myadala, Kannika Phatsavong, Andrew Tant, Deja Scott.

Our app allows the user to scan their receipts and automatically keep track of what they spend their money on each month. Essentially the way it works is simple. All a user has to do is scan a receipt from their purchase and our app will be able to automatically categorize the type of purchase made as well as add the amount they spend to their running total for the month. The OCR library we plan to use in order to read the receipts properly will be tesseract.js.

We also hope to implement a budgeting tool that will allow the user to set goals for how much they want to limit their spending in certain category and once they start to approach their set goal they will receive a notification.

Our target for this app is to both support iOS as well as Android users. In order to achieve this we will be using the Ionic framework to create a user experience that will work well on both platforms.

Tech: Ionic Framework, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Jackson Matthews, Brandon Crocker, Emily Cunningham, Braxton Garner-Robinson, Cameron Goode.

The USC Baruch Marine Field Lab located in Georgetown, SC operates dorms and cottages for visiting students and scientists to use while doing research at the Field Lab. This web app will handle reservations for these dorms and cottages and will store user booking information.

Tech: node.js, express, Angular

The client for this project is Kyle Houser, Network Manager, Baruch Marine Field Laboratory


Logan Corley, Mark McCoy, Lukas McClamrock, James Thompson, James Johnson.

The team has decided to develop a single player 2D rogue-like crafting action game themed around an alchemist trapped in Dante's Inferno. The player will have to battle their way through multiple levels and rooms while using materials found throughout the level to quickly craft weapons and armor to defeat the levels of hell. The player will manage various resources in order to solve each room. Players can potentially obtain rare resources which make more powerful weapons/armor/items, and they will have to decide where to use them. Completing extra rooms may be a risk/rewards system to obtain more resources. Trading lives for rare resources, giving up a life for upgrades or better item components. The player will also have to decide initially their class which will offer different perk trees.

Tech: C#, Unity

This is a startup project.


Austin Lambert, Logan Williams, Maleesia Ragins, Lauren Miller.

Our project is going to be a GUI for handling database manipulation from an employee to keep track of, record information about, and view customers.

Tech: node.js, express, react.js, AWS

The client for this project is Ross Bagley, Sr Vice President of Operations and Technology, Diesel Laptops


Matthew Pollard, Thomas Wilks, Malik Melvin, Auden Childress, Benjamin Kronemeyer.

This project will encompass the development of Rotoscoping software with raster and vector 'layers', similar to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator respectively. This software would be able to handle still images as well as video. This project will be developed in C++ using the QT framework as a base for UI development of a Windows based application. Users will be able to use filters and brushes on images and video to alter the image/video in various ways.

Tech: C++, Qt

This is a startup project.


Matthew Vello, Anvith Deeconda, Sanjay Ravindra, Shashwat Ravi.

We will be using react-native to develop an app to allow users to bet on sporting matches and events by using bitcoin (BitcoinJS library), and we will implement a method to hold users accountable for their bets. The platform that our app is targeting is Android users.

Tech: React Native

This is a startup project.


Ahmed Hulwe, Aaron Barge, Miles Ziemer, Max Corbel.

Goals - Predict stock price changes based off of historical stock data and other outside data (i.e. Google Trends). - The application should utilize a TensorFlow based neural network to output 3 possible changes to the stock (up, down, flat). - The end goal would be an iOS application which could access the output of our neural network and display it. - Secondly, the app could send tips as to when to buy or sell stocks (this assuming that the predictions are accurate).

Tech: Python, Django, Tensorflow

This is a startup project.


Kevin Hagan, Olivia Monty, Garrett Erven, Sierra Stewart, James Farmer.

Tired of dull, lifeless emails with boring text and attachments? StyleMail is a web app that allows you to pick from and customize stylized HTML and CSS email templates. Simply pick a style, fill out your text and adjust a few settings, then click a button to copy the template into your email client to continue editing. Whether you're looking to give a fun vibe for digital party invitations or a professional vibe for a business memo, spice up your emails with StyleMail!

Tech: node.js, react.js

This is a startup project.


Maximilian Hensler, Matthew Kemp, Cameron Knox, Fei Zhu, Riley Conant.

TabDab is an native Android app, written in Java, that will allow for restaurant customers to pay their bills from their phone, rather than using a physical credit card. This will be especially useful for smaller vendors that do not have a standard POS (point of sale) system such as food trucks and street vendors.

Tech: Java, Android, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Adam Einstein, Daniel Chen, Nicholas Heater, Joshua Tolbert, Ethan Alexander.

Our vision for this project is to create an all-in-one fitness application. Today, many Americans want to have healthier lifestyles, but cannot keep the routines and commitment needed to achieve the results they are looking for. With our app, we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to achieve their desired results.

Tech: Java, Android, Firebase

This is a startup project.


Jacob Carter, Zachary Kilgore, Lam Nguyen, Jake Fuller, Scott Craig.

Tidewater Boats is boat manufacturer in Lexington, SC. Would like an app to reference where in production line (step) the boat is located in plant. Sales and management would use app to let dealers know where their boat is and when it will be finished. Currently, we use flow chart to track by sales order numbers which of 13 steps of boat is located. The boats move on dollies once laminated in step 1.

Tech: Python, Django

The client for this project is Tami Cupp, Controller, Tidewater Boats


Joseph Still, Tyler Van Cott, Matthew McKee, Javon Gooseby.

An all purpose planner, scheduler, and gradebook to aid in the success of university students.

Tech: C#, WPF

This is a startup project.


Anthony Castellano, Brandon Race, Janki Patel, Caleb Ulch, Nicholas Rabena.

The target audience for our app will be people looking for quick small jobs that they can get paid for. Within our app, individuals are able to sign up as a job poster or a job doer. Individuals who post jobs will give a basic description of the service that they are looking to have completed and set the price of the payout. Individuals who are looking for jobs will be able to look through the posted jobs and find one that appeals to them and get in contact with the job poster through the app. Ideally, payment will also be able to be done through the app. Jobs will be curated for users based on geographic location. There will also be some kind of review and rating system for the people that are completing the jobs. Our app would be a webapp and we plan on using Angular framework to develop our app.

Tech: Ionic Framework, Angular

This is a startup project.


Justin Taylor, Thomas Mallory, Zhymir Thompson, Kristina Matthews, Nguyen Nguyen.

Our goal is to create a news-watchlist app that will allow users to denote keywords or topics and to receive live notifications when an article is published matching their keyword or topic. Users will be able to read the articles in-app without being required to be redirected to an external app. Our target platforms include iOS and Android. Users will also be able to add friends and interact with other users as well as join/set-up groups.

Tech: Ionic Framework, React, Firebase

This is a startup project.

Last update: November 15, 2020