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Capstone Projects Video Showcase 2014

The students in our Capstone Project class, all Seniors, form teams every year in order to design and develop a sophisticated app for an independent customer. This year there were 14 apps developed: web apps, iphone apps, android apps, and desktop apps. The projects vary, from a mobile-accessible database for maintaining geological samples, to mobile apps for monitoring queue lengths at voting stations, to a tablet app for viewing historical maps. You can watch video demonstrations below and get links to the projects' websites. You can also see photos of the students doing live demos.

Visit the website of each project to get more information about that project, and to download/use the app. You can also view all the videos in a playlist.

Project Crystal Blue

Project Crystal Blue (PCB) is a Mac OSX and iOS application for geologists looking for a simple system to catalog, track, and analyze their geologic samples and data. PCB was designed with geologists in mind and strives to reflect their workflow as best as possible. Developed for the Tectonics and Sedimentation Laboratory, in the department of Earth & Ocean Sciences.


Easy Lab Accident Reporting

A web application that allows anyone to keep track of, search and view laboratory accident reports all in one place. Create, analyze and share accidents for all types of labs. Developed for the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Career Center Companion

The Career Center Companion is an easy to use web application that simplifies the experience of going to a job fair. Rather than carrying around a packet of information flipping back and forth for information, use this app on your phone and find employer information at your fingertips. Created for Helen Fields in the USC Engineering Career Center office.


SCChildcare Mobile

This is an Android application that will help you find child care providers throughout South Carolina. You can also view comments and complaints about each child care provider and add comments as well. Created for the Department of Social Services and USC Childcare Research.


Columbia 1872 Interactive Map

This Android tablet application allows the user to view an interactive map of Columbia, SC as it was in 1872. Developed for the Historic Columbia Foundation.


STEM Notebook

An iPad notebook app for students on grades 5-12 to use in Science classes. Developed for the College of Education.


Voting Lines

Tracks voters while they wait on line during election day. Developed for the Computer Science & Engineering department and Google.


Project Burnout

This project is an Android application that allows a race engineer to better manage their race tires during a race weekend. Developed for John Bobbit, Grand Am road racing.


Room Scheduling

A webapp for reserving rooms and other resources in a building. Developed for the College of Education.


University 101 Interactive Textbook

This webapp was designed with the help of the USC University 101 Department. The goal is to have the textbook available online with all the features of an interactive website. Developed for University 101.


Capstone Connect

A webapp for tracking student feedback on team projects. Developed for the Mechanical Engineering department.


HumpDay Decoder

Great for roboticists or anyone who is wanting to do computer vision on HD images in real-time. Developed for the Computer Science and Engineering department.



An Android tablet Pet Care App for underprivileged children in India.


Team Seven

A webapp for performing Game Theory experiments with human subjects.


Last update: November 1, 2018