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Capstone Projects Video Showcase 2015

These are the final projects from the 2015 Capstone project class. Click on the name of each project to visit its website. This year we have:

  • 10 web applications, a couple of them mobile-optimized, most of them using responsive design
  • 5 Android applications
  • 1 iOS app
  • 1 PhoneGap app, compiled to iOS and Android
  • 1 Unity app, compiled to Android, iOS, and web
  • 1 Erlang project, with some JavaScript for visualization
  • 2 hardware projects using raspberryPis with various attachments

Click on the project names to visit their website, or view the playlist


IArch is an Android application developed for Archaeologists to quickly document artifact finds on the fly using their phones camera and GPS. These finds are then synced to their Dropbox account for storage.

This app is now available on the Google Play app store.

Krit Pouch

Get paid faster. With our simple milestone-based escrow system, you'll get paid as soon as you complete your work. No more waiting on invoices. A webapp that implements an escrow system.


Advanced Asset/Vehicle Routing and Anomaly Detection. A web application, with a REST API, for tracking and monitoring mobile assets, developed for The Mariner Group

ADA Access

ADA Access, sponsored by AbleSC, is an Android app for storing and displaying architectural standards set in place by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These standards include specifications for handicap-accessible construction of dorms, social service centers, medical care facilities, etc. These specifications include door widths and ramp angles and lengths, for example. ADA Access should make it easy and efficient to access these standards when in the field or when a stationary and/or written source is not available.

Get this app on the google play store.


It is an Android and iOS e-reader for kids, built using PhoneGap. Behind the scenes, the app keeps track of all kinds of reading data including time spent reading, number of pages read, progress on each book, etc.. This data is all kept in a secure database for teachers and administrators to analyze.


This Android mobile app allows users to easily search USC Connect's database, save personal notes, and has quick access to the online GLD application.

Apollo 16

A webapp to help with USC advising. We make your advising easy.

Erlang Routers

A load-balancing router simulation written in Erlang. It simulates a cluster/server environment. The output from running the algorithm is allocated to a CSV where it is used in a bar chart using d3 to display how clients are moved between servers to cut down on server to server communication

Campaign app

This Android app replaces the pen and paper in your life. Instead of writing survey results door to door, just click a few buttons to fill out surveys faster on your phone!


An autonomous buoy that takes photos of the ocean floor to make a map.


A web application, on the Google App Engine, for scheduling and handling parent-teacher video conferences. The fast and easy way to stay connected to your children's education


A web application for managing classrooms tests. It allows the teacher to create tests which the students can take, online. The teacher can then see the the resulting scores.


An iOS app for USC Discovery Day.


A webapp to help the advisement process in the College of Engineering and Computing.


FIGS stands for "Family Integrated Gaming System." This app was designed for families with children of all ages to easily play games over the Internet. No accounts or setup required.

It is written using Unity and thus runs on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web.

MSN: Form++

Form++ is an Android app designed to gather information you need from large groups of people. It is a completely modular form that you can build and save for later use. It also has built in group editor and email opener for ease of use. This App will play in a big role for registering new students to our mailing lists and more.

Team EST

Our team's project is to design a mobile-optimized web application that will take users on a historical walking tour of Columbia.

One goal of the site is to allow users to be able to select specific places they would like to see and the site would then generate a walking tour based on their choices. Following this line of thought, another goal is to have several pre-set walking tours that the user could choose from which would take them to a set of sites, with each focusing on a certain subject or category. Overall, the site should be historically accurate, informative to users of all ages and backgrounds, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and have an intuitive user interface.


A WordPress plugin for creating surveys. Essentially what we have is a quiz builder that allows a user to create, take, and submit a quiz. The application may be used to create a quiz that may be used to assess an individual. The results are then stored in a database for future reference and quiz results may be viewed on the submissions page.


Our project uses sensors to detect children or pets left inside a vehicle.


A web application, built using Rails, for scheduling courses.


A virtual dashboard. A web application, built on Rails.

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