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Capstone Projects Video Showcase 2016

Below are the video demos for the 2016 Senior Capstone project class. This year we had 6 Android apps, 9 web applications, 1 ionic app, 1 Unity 3D game, 1 desktop application, and 1 voting machine hack.

Dr. Vidal speaking to WSPA News


A platform (web application) to share your travel experience and be inspired by others. The site,, is live and has active users.

Client: Self startup


A web application for connecting students to mentors, and enabling video conferencing tutoring sessions. Visit them at

Client: VC3 Inc and Richland 2 School District

Chord Builder

Chord Builder is an Android application to help music students learn music theory and intonation without the skills required to play an instrument perfectly. Chord Builder allows users to build and play musical chords on a simple user interface, with the goal of reproducing chords played by the app.

Client: South Carolina Philharmonic


SnackTrack is an Android application that connects dietitians and their patients. SnackTrack's primary goal is to assist with 24 hour diet recalls. During these recalls, the patient is required to recite everything he or she has consumed within the past 24 hours. SnackTrack provides a place for patients to take pictures and keep notes of what they eat throughout the day.

Client: The Cancer Prevention and Control Program, USC

Professional MBA Application Tracker

A web application for tracking incoming students' application process. Visit them at

Client: Professional MBA Program, USC


A fun, easy-to-play racing game designed around the ever-growing need for energy awareness. Pick from 5 different starter vehicles, each with their own energy source. Watch the energy prices change as you race to the finish. Plan your strategy carefully! Conserve your points while aiming for first!

Client: Power BNC Energy


Healthy Living Starts with Hydration. Simply stated, water is the foundation of life and breathing is how we sustain it. A web application for tracking hydration levels. Visit them at

Client: Hygieia Hydration


ConTextual is an educational platform based on the mode neutral learning pedagogy which allows for the seamless integration of the virtual classroom into the physical classroom. Visit them at

Client: Self startup

Student Success Customer Relationship Manager

A web-based customer relationship manager for the USC Student Success Center. Visit them at

Client: USC Student Success Center


FitLivin is a fitness application for android users that appeals to a wide variety of interest. It is not specifically geared toward any one type of training, but rather allows users to choose what type of physical progress they would like to make. The application gears its workouts to accommodate each specific user. It does not limit itself to one specific training regimen.

Client: Self startup

Data Conditioning

This program was created to aid material scientists at USC deal with the large data set generated by their research. More details at the website.

Client: Chemical Engineering Dept., USC


A web application for drawing network diagrams and generating router configuration files from these diagrams.

Client: Cisco Systems


A web application that lets shoppers add text to and preview 3D models

Client: ZVerse Inc.

Fitness Evolution

Fitness evolution is a geolocation-based Android application that encourages its users to live a healthy lifestyle by providing a personal virtual coach, a means for recording metrics on physical activity, and by creating a social platform for fitness.

Client: Self startup

Midlands Orthopedic

A web application for patient tracking. It allows patients to fill out forms online and staff to keep track of patients.

Client: Midlands Orthopedics


An Android application to control a robot. A tablet application to interface with a Robot Operating System (ROS) robot, Clearpath Robotics' HUSKY model, for direct drive, diagnostic, and navigation information.

Client: Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis, CSE Department


An ionic (Android, iOS) application. Need an answer quickly? Simply write a brief description of your problem and send it to Help Monger. Help Monger will contact the help givers closest to you and deliver an answer within minutes.


Project Omaha

Investigate Electronic Systems & Software's iVotronic voting machine as used within the State of South Carolina for all election procedures. Visit project website at Project Omaha.

Client: Dr. Duncan Buell, CSE


A web application for learning about the South Carolina juvinile justice process..

Client: Institute for Families in Society University of South Carolina

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