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Personal Log Milestone

Due Date

Initial Due Date : September 5
Final Due Date : End of CSCE 492, except for Winter break.
Grading: Individual


Every week (of classes) you must write a few sentences about what you (and, I mean you yourself, not other people in the team) did for the project. I expect that some weeks you will do nothing for the project, while other weeks you might do a lot of work. So, it is OK to write 'Nothing' for some weeks.

The goals for this Personal Log are:

  1. To allow me, the "manager", to keep track of what each one of you is doing.
  2. To facilitate coordination among your group. Since you can read all members' log files you can quickly check on who is doing/did what.
  3. To make it easier for you to contribute to the bi-weekly Progress Report.

Your personal log will be a single Wiki page on the wiki pages of your group project. The page should be called "Your Name Log". Check out this example. All you need is the date, followed by a couple of sentences on what you worked on that week.

Be specific. Say "I looked at jQuery, prototype.js, and YUI.js" rather than "I looked at javascript libraries."

Use "I" instead of "we" whenever appropriate. If you use the passive voice I will assume others did it. For example, "A prototype was implemented..." means "The other team members implemented a prototype..."

Write the most recent entry first, that way we don't have to scroll so much.


Create wiki page called "Your Name Log".

The wiki page must be updated every week. No, you cannot add them all at the end of the semester, or add it every 2 weeks, or month, etc. Every week.